Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Men Behind Tree" Faulted by Decker, Sheridan, Doyle

What a friggin' game.

Doyle writes a budget which increases State spending by 7%, and taxes anyone who buys gasoline (plus the usual "rich" suspects.)

Sheridan and Pocan, in the Assembly, increase State spending by 7%, but decide to tax anyone who has a phone, "the rich" (why not?) and people who dispose of garbage.

Decker agrees to increase State spending by 7%, retains telephone and garbage taxes, but hits "the rich" even harder, while eliminating the gas tax.

Except, of course, Decker's targets might not be "rich".

"Eliminating the capital gains exclusion is about tax fairness," he said. "Why should someone who sells a painting, a second home or gold coins get a tax break while someone who earns their money by working all year does not?"

The produce-guy (Decker) has picked the wrong battle. There are thousands of Milwaukee-area people who beat their brains in at A O Smith, or Rexnord, and bought a 3-room cottage up Nort' for hunting, fishing, and sheepshead playing. There are thousands of grannies and grandpas who bought a gold coin or 10, hedging against Big Spending Governments who debase the US dollar.

And those Big Spending Governments have names: Doyle, Decker, and Sherman.

But to DoyleDeckerSheridan, they ARE the "man behind the tree." 'Granny gold-coin' and 'Grandpa fishing-shack' are the eeeeeeeeeeeevil "rich."

And they are going to pay for DoyleDeckerSheridan's Big-Spending Government.

(We note that Herbie Kohl's boy-playground Bradley Center still gets $5 million. Talk about eeeeeeeeeevil "rich," folks...)

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