Thursday, June 18, 2009

DoD: Protesters are "Terrorists"

The pattern of these damnfool reports would suggest that there is "Government" and there is "the enemy."

And as Pogo famously said, "The enemy is us."

Just weeks after a scandal erupted over a Department of Homeland Security report that described as "right-wing extremists" those who oppose abortion and support secure national borders, another report is revealing that the Department of Defense is teaching that protesters are "low-level terrorists."

The newest action to define those who disagree with positions adopted by the
government or administration of the United States was revealed by blogger Dennis Loo at

He cited a complaint filed by the northern California branch of the American Civil Liberties Union demanding that the Department of Defense change its instructions and those who have been given the training be told of the modifications by "sending out corrective materials."

Maybe there's extra budget money if you use the term "terrorist" enough.


Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong, I believe the march to take away our freedoms started with the Progressives in the late 1800s/early 1900s infecting both political parties. The Federal government now is capable of all sorts of things that would set our Founders twirling in their graves. But I had to giggle when reading the comments and Dennis Loo linked to the "concentration camps" supposedly being built by FEMA and linked to pictures that had already been debunked as being form a NorK forced labor camp. Seems the lefties are buying into some of the righties tin foil hat crowd.

Dad29 said...

Some argue that it started with Lincoln...

Yah, that 'concentration camp' thing was a bit strange.