Friday, June 12, 2009

Matt Lauer: "Naive" or Just Another Hack?

He's a hack, folks.

A NooYawk jack-hack.

And the Dave Letterman Blanket Party will be held at Elkhart Lake later this summer.


Anonymous said...

I don't believe Letterman had any idea which Palin daughter went on the junket to NYC. Unless you fixate on the names of the members of her family, how do you keep Willow, Bristol, Truck, Track, Truk, and Yap apart? Where did those two nutjobs come up with these names?

Aquinas said...

Who are you to judge what names people give their children? Like that has any bearing on their "nutjob" status... Actually, your comment reveals quite a bit about you. And it isn't exactly pretty. I love it when people make peripheral things (kids' names) the basis for their judgments rather than things like an appeal to, say, virtue, or principle. Maybe it's because they, by not knowing anything about them, can't use them in rational dialogue.

Franklin Romonowski said...

Blanket party. Classy. Why not just bring your gun and shoot him?

BTW, tool, Letterman doesn't have a car racing the circuit this year. A smart guy like you should know that.

Dad29 said...

FrankieTroll, bullets are expensive.

Blankets are not.

And "not having a car racing the circuit" does not mean he will not be at Elkhart Lake.

But that's a logical thing--Trolls don't know logic.

Franklin Romonowski said...
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