Friday, June 12, 2009

$2.3 Billion "Structural" Deficit, Plus...

$3.31 billion in increased borrowing...

That's what the (D) midnight-secret-logrolling deal gets Wisconsin taxpayers.

That means the Wisconsin Gummint will borrow around $4,500/day EVERY DAY for the next two years, in addition to what Wisconsin already owes.

Not to mention all the other sludge from Colon and Kessler who are now partners in the firm of Wallace, Faubus, & Connors.

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MAS1916 said...

At least Wisconsin isn't quite where California is.. but it seems to be on the same path.

California's problem began years ago of course when voters became convinced they could provide services that someone else would pay for. Now it has through all these programs, degenerated into a grade B horror film. ( for a movie review of "California Screaming" starring Arnold the Governator, you can look at: )

Any increase in state borrowing has the state headed for the same cliff upon which California now teeters.