Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What Is Antle Talking About?

Now and then an AmSpec blogger simply runs off the rails. Here's an example:

...It isn't so much that Ron Paul's foreign-policy views have become more popular among conservatives, though they certainly do have a following. If anything, the surge has made most conservatives more convinced of the rightness of the Iraq mission than they were in 2006...


Look, Jim, either the Iraq operation was right, or it was wrong. The 'surge' is not relevant. Adding more force to the wrong exercise is still wrong; and more for the right exercise is still right.

Further, there are a LOT of Conservatives who simply do not buy, wholesale, the GWB line on the Iraq invasion. I'm one of them. While I granted GWB the benefit of the doubt, the doubt remains.

And Afghanistan is even less convincing to me.

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