Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"We Have Doyle; You're FIRED!": SEIU

No surprise here.

The Service Employees International Union, considered the most influential union in the nation, has notified the union that represents about 220 of its national field staff and organizers that 75 of them are being laid off. In return, the workers’ union, which goes by the somewhat postmodern name of the Union of Union Representatives, has filed unfair labor practices charges against SEIU with the National Labor Relations Board. The staff union’s leaders say that SEIU is engaging in the same kind of practices that some businesses use — laying off workers without proper notice, contracting out work to temp firms, banning union activities and reclassifying workers to reduce union numbers.

See, the SEIU doesn't need organizers any more.

They have Jim Doyle to make membership mandatory in Wisconsin. Why pay those people?

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