Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Utterly Stupid Geithner Remark

While defending Obama's $630+Bn energy-use tax, Geithner-the-Evader made what is likely to be the moronic-comment-of-the-month, or maybe the entire year!

...the Treasury secretary acknowledged that consumers could face higher electric bills because Obama would impose fees on greenhouse gas producers, including power plants that burn fossil fuels, by auctioning off carbon pollution permits. The goal is to reduce the emissions blamed for global warming while raising a projected $646 billion over 10 years.

"Now, if people don't change how they use energy, then they will face higher costs for energy," Geithner said

Ooooohhhhh. Thanks, Timmy!

And precisely how would one "change" one's use of electricity?

Don't use lightbulbs?

Turn off the blower in the furnace?

Campfire-cook instead of using a stove?

Or maybe, Timmy, we should simply re-route our incoming electrical service so that we get our power directly from Canadian hydros, or French nukes? I'll call WEenergies this morning!!

I had thought you were a tax-evader, based on your record. That was the wrong call.

On the new evidence, it's clear that you are one of the most stupid people on Earth. And in your case, ignorance MAY be an excuse for your failure to pay the self-employment tax.

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Billiam said...

Careful Dad, you're insulting about 49% of the Country as well. These are the robots that bow at the altar, so to speak. Hope they have deep pockets.