Monday, March 02, 2009

This Bunch is Crazy

Reported by Gateway:

Several hundred radical loony birds are protesting make believe global warming today at the Washington DC Capital Coal Plant in a foot of snow.They are liveblogging the event at Capital Climate Action.Dr. James Hansen, the discredited NASA scientist, is leading the efforts and released this tape for the occasion.

In the tape Hanson calls for civil disobedience.

He also demands that all coal-fired power plants be banned

Hansen wants "civil disobedience"? He'll see that if he trots up here and tries to shut down my electricity-source in the Valley.

Maybe "un-civil" would be a better word for how he will be greeted.

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Deekaman said...

Hansen has shown himself to be a kook. He is also calling for the heads of coal and oil companies to be charged with crimes against humanity and nature.

Further, in all likelihood, the protesters are paid help. They aren't there because they believe. There's a George Soros buck in it for them.