Monday, March 09, 2009

Stupid "Ammo-Accountability" Tricks

Cramer notes that some bunch of folks is promoting "micro-stamping" of ammo with the idea that the stuff can then be tracked from the factory to the ultimate user.


1. It applies only to factory-production ammunition. It isn't exactly a high technology to cast bullets. Many people do it themselves, even today...

2. It is utterly impossible to use for shotgun pellets

3. Since cases are commonly scrounged from shooting ranges and reloaded, the number on the cartridge case only tells who the first lawful retail buyer of this case was. Handgun cases can be reloaded 5-10 times without problem

4. Ammunition lasts a long, long time. I understand that even World War II era ammunition works quite reliably. Anyone who is intending to commit a serious crime with a gun and has half a brain will simply buy existing ammunition

I would add this: If the perp uses a revolver, the casings remain IN THE GUN, unlike those of a semiautomatic handgun. Even with a semi, the half-smart perp will pick up the casings.

Oh, but there's more!

6. It turns out that the people pushing this "Ammunition Accountability" have something more than the public interest at heart.

Seems like the "Accountability" people invented a device which does the micro-stamping and couldn't sell it to ammo manufacturers. So their game is to force the manufacturers to buy their product by making it a legal requirement.

They must have worked for Archer-Daniels-Midland in the ethanol department--or GE in the windmill department.

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