Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Speaking of Confidence: "No Plan in Place"--Vilsack

After you digest QueenNancy's moronic remarks (below), let's look to the Obama crowd to grow some "confidence," shall we?

The Obama administration is trying to figure out how to spend more than $7-billion taxpayer dollars allotted to broadband in the recently passed economic stimulus bill.

At a public hearing in Washington on Tuesday, there were more questions than answers, press reports said. The Obama administration, lacking a plan of its own, said it is looking to the public to help shape the program.

There's no plan. But there IS a timeline:

The Post also noted that under the stimulus law, the "first funds" for broadband expansion must start flowing between April (next month) and June. All grants must be awarded by Sept. 30, 2010, and the broadband projects are supposed to be almost complete within two years

And there is the requisite Obama non-sequitur:

A message on the Commerce Department's Web site notes that "President Obama believes in the power of broadband," because it "will help drive the nation's economic recovery and growth."

That line is beyond parody.

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Al said...

Now you know a little of what we went through here in Iowa with him as Governor, not that Culver is any better.