Friday, March 06, 2009

Send In The Clowns? They're Already Here...

Good week for Obama, savior, (bless his name.)

Well, not really.

His T-Man suffers from two withdrawals in one week.

His State Babe can't find an actual Russian speaker for inscribing gifts.

His State Babe claims that "American democracy" is older than European democracy--which is off by about 1,000 years or so, according to the Greeks.

His Protocol Twit can't find anything of value to give the Prime Minister of our closest ally, so they go through the closet and find a bunch of old movies.

His wife, "Pipes," finds some homeless guys who have CELLPHONES, but no housing. Serves them some sort of Euroweenie soup.

And the Russkies stuff his layup 'umbrella-for-help' request right back into his face.

A buncha (D) Senators got huffy about the pork.

Sondheim was a prophet!


steveegg said...

Minor quibble - It's closer to 2,000 years for classical Greek democracy (roughly 400 BC). Of course, that didn't last all too long.

Other than that, P.T. Barnum is being proven right by the ObamiNation's existence.

Anonymous said...

And I thought the Anointed One (God's blessings be upon him) was going to improve our ties with foreign countries? I wonder how Great Britain and Russia like the treatment they are getting so far.