Friday, March 13, 2009

Ryan: NOW It's Obama's Dow

Wisconsin's Paul Ryan has a few thoughts for the O-and-Savior.

"Rolling this budget out the way they did actually hurts the economy," Ryan said during a noon-time news conference inside the Capitol. "It tells small businesses, it tells consumers, it tells the markets: Guess what, big tax increases are coming. So if you're a small business, an entrepreneur; you want to take risk, you want to start a business? Don't bother because we're going to raise your taxes."

"We're saying to everybody who consumes energy in America," Ryan continued, "we're going to raise your taxes, we're going to raise your prices. And we're going to do this when our foreign competitors won't do this themselves

Yah, well, hiking the price of heat, electricity, and gasoline--who cares about that? Only regular people actually pay those bills.

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