Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Real Governor: Sanford of S.C.

Here's an intelligent idea.

Gov. Mark Sanford has sent a well-reasoned letter to the South Carolina legislature, informing them that he's requested that the Obama administration allow the state to redirect $700 million of the stimulus money that he has control over to pay down the state's debt.

"The reason we think it is not in our best interest to spend these monies lies in the fact that when one is in a hole, the first order of business is to stop digging," he writes. He explains that, "As a believer in federalism, I find it appalling that Washington would seek to effectively remake the entire budget process of the states. But philosophy aside, in the case of our state, doing so would lead to potentially disastrous budgetary consequences in future years

Doyle doesn't have a clue about "debt reduction." Were he to suggest this, the Conservative population of the State of Wisconsin would drop by 30% or more--from coronary arrests.


capper said...

S.C. also has double digit unemployment. Yeah, great governor.

Dad29 said...

Sorta like Granholm of Michigan?

LarryD said...

SC's unemployment rates are tied to the auto industry. That has nothing to do with the governor.