Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Moonbat Day: March 21

Orders from Rahm and the O-and-Savior (bless his name) have been issued:

Opening our doors and talking to our neighbors is the only way we'll make President Obama's economic plan a reality. Take the next step now by hosting or attending a Pledge Project Canvass the weekend of Saturday, March 21st. Build your community's support for President Obama’s approach to renewing and rebuilding America by knocking on doors and asking your neighbors to get involved. Take part in the Pledge Project by hosting a canvass in your community now.

So it looks like I'll be open-carrying the .357 on Saturday when I answer the door.

And, yes, there will be events in the Milwaukee area.

HT: NewsBusters


krshorewood said...

When are you going to get around to those anger management classes?

Anonymous said...

so according to you, people who care about helping this country get back on its feet deserve to have a gun drawn on them?

you're a psycopath.

Dad29 said...

And you, Anony, are daft.

"Draw" a gun? I'm no artist! I'll CARRY the gun, dumbass.

If someone needs a warning, THEN I'll "draw" the gun.

As to anger management, Keith, I'll get around to it after you get through Common Sense 101.

That should give me 20 years' or so leeway.

John Foust said...

Open fondling is legal within your home as far as I know, as long as it's done with a proper lubricating oil and not some God-forsaken water displacer. Me, I just shoot the miscreant canvassers when they approach the house. Obama supporters, so-called phone book delivery agents, Girl Scouts, I don't care. They're on my property and I have the right and obligation to defend it. Let God sort 'em out. I just bury them in the backyard so He knows where to find 'em when He wants 'em for Resurrection, which may be tomorrow for all you nancy-boy liberals know. I've got my NRA sticker on the door so they should know what to expect.

Anonymous said...

i hope you get up too fast and pull a plaxico.

then you can CARRY yourself to the emergency room and give us all a break from your lunatic ramblings.

John said...

Ah - so THIS is what a wingnut is.

Doesn't take much to get that vein in your forehead a-throbbing, I see.

Anonymous said...

Ending this "economic" plan should be a national priority. It may seem like a good idea to a green, poll fearing politician but there is life after the baby boom generation. Those generations deserve a solid financial foundation to deal with problems of their age.

Rich said...

Just one man's opinion here: This is an example of why the GOP is often seen as a divisive bunch of haters. Instead we should be inclusive and be the party of freedom, liberty and less government.

But I could be wrong, I often am.

Dad29 said...

Rich, I'm not a member of the GOP. Don't need that sort of slur on my name.

As usual, there's little sense of humor midst the masses...

Roland said...

I saw the humor in it. I understand that it's not the gun to be feared, but the person carrying it.

It's a distinction that the American Left is incapable of making...even their allegedly intellectual King.