Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mo' Mortgage Fraud, Please!!

You may despise QueenNancy for her personal imperialism---demanding the USAF G-5 for her family's use, for example. Or for her brazen defiance of "her" Church's authority on the abortion and ESCR questions. Or for her willingness to starve Americans of domestically-produced petroleum.

It's a lot worse than that.

In the House, Speaker Pelosi’s changes to the House rules make it impossible to get recorded votes so voters can hold them responsible for the worst tax increases, earmarks and more.

Case in point: Republican Study Committee Chairman Tom Price (R-Ga) offered an amendment last week to make people who lied on their mortgage applications -- i.e. committed bank fraud -- ineligible for the mortgage bailout Obama has just put in motion. Price’s motion failed on a voice vote: he was refused a recorded vote under Pelosi’s new rules. The Democrats have rigged the deal so voters can’t hold them accountable.

A VOICE VOTE on allowing fraudsters to be "bailed out"?

And the House Democrats APPROVED allowing fraudsters to be bailed out?

Oh, yah. That's QueenNancy's way.


Anonymous said...

Nutty, nutty position on ESCR, DaddyZero. When does your great campaign against IFV kick off? Apparently you beleive it's kosher to let the fertilized egg (the "little person") thaw or be discarded in a medical waste incinerator but any other use is a mortal sin. Flaming hypocrite, DaddyZero!@

Dad29 said...

If you had a mind, Anony, it would be called "one-track."

We all know that IVF (that's the correct acronym) is a mortal sin, too.

Thanks for the reminder.