Sunday, March 15, 2009

McCain's Wolverines

Took me 4 days and a read of a linked blogpost to figure this out...

Just keep "Wolverines" in mind as you watch this clip from Red Dawn (only about 30 seconds...)


OK, here's the rest of it.

I am a Wolverine, in the University of Michigan, “Hail to the Victors Valiant” sense, so when the Wolverines meme got rolling, it caught my eye [but no--this is NOT a UM post.]

Moe Lane weighed in here on Stacy’s take on NRO’s list calling Red Dawn “awful,” BUT the movie must have some kind of hold on Moe’s imagination because he added this fateful “P.P.S.”:


Now back to McCain:

Conservatives are now a guerrilla resistance. Harassing the enemy — staging raids and ambushes that prevent him from enjoying his conquest at leisure — is basic to guerrilla resistance. If we are doomed to destruction, as least let it be said that we died fighting. But those who never fight, never win.

In a word: “Wolverines!”

Folkie will NEVER believe the sub-head on that linked blogspot--nor that I actually read the post.

But she's real (I guess) and I had to have read it to put this up, no?

Obiter Dicta from McCain:

...they all share the fundamental understanding that liberalism is a soul-destroying disease, a sort of intellectual anti-virus that exposes its host to destruction by weakening the individual cells of the national immune system. To the extent that your mind is cluttered with the glittering generalities of modern liberalism -- "social justice," etc. -- you will be unable to resist and will inevitably succumb to the agonizing spiritual death that beckons at the end of that road.

HT: McCain the Winner/Subversive

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