Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Killing Wisconsin Part Two: The Extremists Meet

Jimbo Doylie, not satisfied with spending more than ANY Wisconsin Governor has ever spent, and not satisfied with raising taxes to chase wealth from Wisconsin, now meets with the Green Extreme to finish off the State--

The Governor’s meetings with the Obama administration will focus on: setting ambitious goals to reduce national greenhouse gas emissions; using market mechanisms such as cap-and-trade programs and incentives to encourage clean energy; and ensuring that state and local authority, state and regional clean energy programs, and private investments are included in any national energy plan. The Governor is meeting with: Carol Browner, Assistant to the President for Energy & Climate Change; Nancy Sutley, White House Council on Environmental Quality Chairwoman; Dr. Steven Chu, U.S. Secretary of Energy; and Lisa Jackson, EPA Administrator.

Governor Doyle is also meeting with Tom Vilsack, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and Congressman Henry Waxman, Chairman of House Energy & Commerce Committee.

As we mentioned before, the Extreme wants to kill off coal- and gas-fired electrical plants through smother-and-tax (disguised as "cap and trade") legislation.

As to the people listed above: the correct appelation is "Enemies' List."


Billiam said...

Well, this will help their 'Final Solution'. You go far enough up the leadership of the environmentalist movement, and you'll find people into serious population reduction.

Zinc said...

So much for "post racial" America.

In 2001, in the landmark court case Coleman-Adebayo v. Browner, Carol M. Browner the agency she administered, the EPA, was found guilty of race, color, and sex-based discrimination and Ms. Browner was found guilty of tolerating a hostile work environment. The case provided the impetus for the passage (unanimous in both chambers) of the No FEAR Act (Notification of Federal Employees Anti-discrimination and Retaliation) that was signed into law by President George W. Bush. The law was heralded as the first civil rights law of the 21st century. Study of Coleman-Adebayo v. Browner is now mandated for all new Federal employees within 90 days of their being hired, and every 2 years for all Federal employees. The extent of the racism and retaliation within Ms. Browner's EPA was so pervasive that Congress and the Executive required study of it as the penultimate example of what was WRONG with government. When asked in Congressional hearings whether she accepted the judgement of the jury, Ms. Browner said she did.

The question for Mr. Obama, is: Given her unrepentant position on the deplorable conditions she oversaw at EPA, how is Carol Browner qualified to hold administrative position again?