Thursday, March 12, 2009

Is The Savior Submarining Geithner?

Morrissey notes that The Savior must nominate 18 key people at Treasury:

Deputy Secretary
Under Secretary — Domestic Finance
Under Secretary — International Affairs
Under Secretary — Terrorism and Financial Intelligence
Assistant Secretary — Economic Policy
Assistant Secretary — Financial Markets
Assistant Secretary (Deputy Under Secretary) — International Affairs
Assistant Secretary (Deputy Under Secretary) — Legislative Affairs
Assistant Secretary — Management and Chief Financial Officer
Assistant Secretary — Public Affairs/Director — Policy Planning
Assistant Secretary — Tax Policy
Chief Counsel — Internal Revenue Service/Assistant General Counsel for Tax
Commissioner — Internal Revenue (five-year terms of office)
General Counsel
Inspector General
Inspector General — Tax Administration
Treasurer — United States

So far, Obama has nominated exactly ONE--Geithner himself.

All the rest remain vacant--and cannot be filled until The One nominates someone--only after which comes the usual Senate hearing(s) and confirmation.

Just the one nomination, for what Barack Obama says is his greatest priority and gives as an excuse for his diplomatic incompetence


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Anonymous said...

We are #4! US Department of Labor 3/12/09 News release. The highest insured unemployment rates in the week ending Feb. 21 were in Michigan (7.7 percent), Oregon (7.4), Idaho (7.2), Wisconsin (6.7)
I believe Doyle can take us to #1!