Sunday, March 08, 2009

Follow the Money--Carefully!

In Wisconsin, we have the privilege of being ruled by a wildly leftist Congress and President AND by a wildly Leftist Legislature and Governor.

In other words, we got one hundred percent of the short straws.

Since Wisconsin is in recession--jobs are evaporating and earnings are down--our Governor proposed a budget which INCREASES State spending and taxation. (It's exactly the same budget he would have proposed if there were no recession, by the way. Thinking up cuts in State employment and spending is waaayyyyy too hard.)

So with tax revenues heading south despite increasing taxes, what's a Flaming Lefty to do?

Take money from the Feds, but don't spend it right away. That way, you can "fix" the deficit AND you can put future Wisconsin taxpayers on the hook for the bill, too (if anyone who pays taxes is stupid enough to hang around that long...).

A Heritage Foundation analyst points to the scam:

In his analysis, Utt targets the largest infrastructure spending component of the bill – the $27.5 billion for highways, most of which will be distributed by the usual means to the states, territories, and Indian tribes.

“The delay begins with the provision that states have up to one year to obligate the money, meaning only that they have to identify a project and set aside money for it,” notes Utt. “Still to be done might be the design and engineering work, request for bids, and the selection of the winning contractor.”

So Doylie can take the Fed money this year, but not spend it until....whenever.

In the meantime, Presto!!, the Wisconsin deficit is fixed!

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