Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Erpenbach: Kiss My A$$

What a pathetic sack of s&^% this guy really is.

Bruce at Badger wrote State Sen. Erpenbach to politely request his $10.00 back.

That would be the $10.00 which Erpenbach (and Doyle) took to "implement Real ID." Well, our Governor, Three-Card-Monte Doyle, is not going to implement Real ID.

So the money should be refunded, right?


Erpenbach's response (in part):

“The ten dollar driver’s license renewal fee that you have mentioned, one of those that is put into the GPR. Since the money goes to the GPR we are unable to pinpoint a specific program that the money supports, except to say that it supports the many programs and services that we as a society have decided to support.”

You want that in crude, rude, Anglo-Saxon?

Here it is:

"Kiss my ass, taxpayer."

Blanket-party time...

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