Monday, March 09, 2009

Earmark Express

A few items from the $410 Bn budget measure, courtesy Heritage Foundation.

$97 Million for a Program That’s Being Cancelled (building a new facility at Los Alamos after the program housing the building was cancelled by Obama.) Not only that--but the price of the damn thing has increased from $54 Million in 2007!

The discretionary spending bill awards Amtrak a 10 percent budget boost. And that’s on top of the $1.3 billion Amtrak was just awarded in the $787 billion stimulus bill. Need I remind you that Amtrak has NEVER broken even?

The discretionary spending bill fund contains an 11 percent increase in legislative branch operations, which members of Congress use to run their offices. The 11 percent hike is about three times the 2008 rate of inflation, and dwarfs last year’s 4 percent increase. If approved, Congress will spend $4.4 billion on its own operations

Good to know that some people are exempt from the recession. You know--more equal than others.

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