Tuesday, March 17, 2009

De Nile: Obama's Party

P-Mac observes.

At every turn, the response of the left – again, with the exception of the weeks after 9/11 and at the outset of the Iraq war – has been not to propose alternative ways of combating the violence of radical Islamists but instead to deny that such people pose a real problem. One can see why. The left’s multiculti presumptions, starting with the premise that the West is to blame for everything, cannot admit to the invalidity of the Islamists’ complaint or aims. One doubts that many on the left can even fully grasp that anyone should take religion so seriously as to be motivated to blow oneself up in the interest of killing lots of infidels. This deters the left from wanting even to engage the issue.

Well, Patrick, ir-religion is a mark of the Left.

And, related:

The corresponding blind spot for conservatives now accused of saying merely no is that, supposedly, we cannot admit to government ever being the solution and, so, we cannot see the virtue in Obama’s use of government to fix the economy. Only this elides the reality that, a fringe of radical libertarians aside, no serious current exists in conservatism to get rid of government entirely. The Pentagon, after all, is part of it. You need a government, if only to throw away the key after locking up all the criminals.

Keeping the Pentagon is a good idea. The rest-- meh.


capper said...

Of course the conservatives don't want to get rid of government completely. How else would they give no bid, overly generous contracts to the private agencies or to enforce their theocracy?

HeatherRadish said...

The only religion being forced on citizens by the federal government is Environmentalism (see carbon tax, drilling bans...). Its prophets and adherents generally aren't conservative.