Friday, February 06, 2009

PC at Marquette U.: "Ripoff" Defined

Somebody actually earned a Ph.D. to teach a course in which (summarized by The Warrior):

Claims of Grievance Are Not to Be Questioned

Even the Most Benign Things Can Be Made Into a Grievance

Never Question the Activists

Distort Facts if Necessary

It’s Fine to Stereotype Politically Incorrect Groups

...inter alia.

I kinda like this "course requirement":

"6 hours of daytime/nighttime TV"

No discussion, no "critical thinking" is allowed--the filmstrips take up too much classtime for that.

And there's this highly nuanced and articulate extract from a required text:

“The assertion of black male subjectivity achieves its most problematic manifestation over the bodies of women. In order to understand this phenomenon, we first must think about black masculinity in relation to white masculinity. It is, in fact, a sense of powerlessness in the face of white masculinity, and the fear of being pimped at the hands of the wealthy white recording moguls, that guides the hyper-masculinist moment, and the heterosexist moment as racial anxiety is articulated through a patriarchal lens when fear of being ‘bitched’ finds artistic expression.”

Got that?

At north of $24K/year tuition, the term "ripoff" comes to mind.

And if that's not enough, there is PLENTY more at the link above...

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TerryN said...

"Suckers" also comes to mind.