Friday, February 06, 2009

"Hopey-Changey": ZERO Experience Required

President Hope-n-Change is going to change things, alright.

His nominee for Solicitor General makes Edith Myers look like Blackstone...

...Obama wants Elena Kagan to be his Solicitor General. She would be responsible for arguing cases on behalf of the United States in front of the US Supreme Court. But, according to the Legal Times, Kagan has never argued a case before a single appellate court. Not the US Supreme Court. Not any state Supreme Court. Not even a Circuit Court. She concedes even that she has never tried a case to verdict or judgment.

C'mon, O! You mean to tell us that there is NOT ONE (D) lawyer out there who is better-qualified for Solicitor General? Not even Bob HabushHabushHabushHabush? Illusory?? Jimbo the Doylie??

Of course, it's not a question of work-experience. It's a question of ideology.

Kagan led Harvard’s charge to overturn the Solomon amendment. The legislation prohibits federal funds from going to schools that deny campus access to military recruiters was a good idea at the time:

...the United States Supreme Court, shortly after Kagan’s rapid decision to throw military recruiters off campus, upheld the Solomon Amendment in an 8-0 decision

ZERO Justices supported Kagan's theories...

HT: RedState

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