Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wagoner: Smart or Dumb, Dumb, Dumb??

GM's chairman dropped the nuclear bomb--but did the fallout blow back on GM?

...For the last couple of months he has been going around telling the American public that if GM went into bankruptcy, no one would buy its cars. That's tantamount to telling the public "If GM goes into bankruptcy, you shouldn't buy our cars."

One of the key roles of any CEO is chief sales officer. The CEO is supposed to believe in his company's products 100 percent...

So why has Wagoner gone around telling customers that if GM went into bankruptcy, they might as well buy a Toyota? Because that was his brinkmanship strategy to shake taxpayer dollars out of Congress. He was trying to scare them with an apocalyptic story that went, "if we go bankrupt, no one will buy our cars, which will lead to...economic depression!" What's bad for GM is bad for America

Certainly worked on GWBush, who is more concerned about his image than the country.


Shoebox said...

Hey, it worked for Paulson when he went around screaming that the sky was falling. Problem is, while Wagoner used the playbook, he doesn't have anyway to just print money.

Wagoner did get one part right, what's bad for GM is bad for beyond your means and not making realistic assessments of your situation has caused problems with GM and for America

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