Monday, December 15, 2008

The Pack

A "Packers" entry is unusual for this blog, but hey!

I like what Jib has to say, overall--the team has a number of VERY weak spots which are getting weaker. The DL is simply inadequate, and the OL is worse. Injuries play a part, but 'zero depth' is not helpful, either.

If you can't run the friggin' ball, then your QB will get extra loving attention from the defense units of other teams. It's a testament to Rodgers' abilities that he hasn't been sacked more often, or thrown more INT's (unlike a certain former QB...)

But it's deeper than that. The defensive coordinator is on the hot seat for a reason: his stuff doesn't work. And McCarthy's offensive schemes are too complex for many of his players. They don't GET IT, Mike. Back off on the double-dipsy-doodle/left/right/fade/count crap and try stuff that doesn't require Einstein AND Jim Thorpe all wrapped into one critter.

Thompson, so far, is an average GM. How long does it take to figure out that your punter sucks, Ted? TWELVE GAMES? You blew it, and the bozo you had kicking punts cost the team at least 2 "W" entries.

Even average talent can win--Lombardi had only 5 superstars--when the plays are matched to the team's ability and the GM can pick decent, reliable, talent (e.g., Kampman.)

Got it?

Next year, 11+ wins, or you're outta there.


Dan said...

Gee, the Packers are having an opposite season from last year and the Jets are having the opposite season as well, but for the good.
Dismiss all you want, but when the Packers got rid of Favre, it was a diaster. Rogers has adequate abilities but he doesn't command the respect Favre does. Favre knows how to win and Rogers doesn't.
Yes, the defense. especially at the end of the game, sucks. But it starts at the top and Thompson must go now.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...


The Jets also have a brand new O Line. I think something like 4 new O line members from the first and second rounds?

Brett Favre has time in the pocket....

Billiam said...

Let us also not forget that the Jets can STOP THE RUN, which the Packers can't. I love Favre, but I don't have my head so far up his bum that I can't see clearly.

GOR said...

Last night, 60 Minutes featured the coach of the UCLA Trojans. The guy seems to be a class act - both on and off the field (despite not having much success in the NFL...).

But one thing he said struck home with me and it went something like this: "You don't have to have great players to win - you have to play great to win..."

Back to basics, guys!

GOR said...

Ahem, that should have been the USC Trojans - but the message is the same...

Peter said...

There is a move afoot on some of the Packer forums to drum up popular support to replace both Thompson and McCarthy with Pete Carroll as both head coach and GM. I've read some of the posts.

For all the success Carroll has had at Southern California, he was at best a mediocre coach in the NFL with the Jets and Patriots and has absolutely zero experience in pro personnel.

The Packers have been down that road with Bart Starr and Forrest Gregg in the 70s and 80s and with Mike Sherman more recently. We all saw how well that worked out.

As for Thompson, he's had 43 draft picks and finally gets his first Pro Powler. Still has no All Pros. The OL and DL are almost all his picks. NG. Spitz and Colledge sing as well as they block and pass protect.

I wouldn't even call Ol' Teddy average. He's better than Sherman, but a monkey might have been an improvement there.

Thompson's handling of the Favre situation — planting false stories about the future Hall of Famer to turn the fan base against him — was a dirty trick usually seen in a political campaign.

The sooner Murphy, Thompson and McCarthy are run out of town on the train they say has left the station, the better.

Anonymous said...

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