Wednesday, December 10, 2008

MSM: Blago, the Mystery Man


So how often did Today, Good Morning America and the Early Show flatly identify him as [a Democrat] during their opening half-hours today? Not once. The closest any came were references at Today and Early Show today to "Democratic politics" and one at GMA to "the Democratic Chicago machine."

Even the raving LeftoWackies at Folkbum acknowledge problems in the (D) party. Is this confirmation of the Rise of the Blogs/Death of the MSM?


Ken & Carol said...

I think the MSM were actually surprised, not by the corruption going on in high places in Illinois, but rather by the US Attorney's office actually doing something about it. But then, weren't all of us a little surprised that "business as usual" wasn't always going to fly.

Dad29 said...

I don't think that the CHICAGO MSM was surprised--Fitzgerald has been on this thing for 2 years or so.

And I'm not so easy to forgive the national MSM. They are simply in the tank for the (D) Party.

Anonymous said...

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