Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Gummint Health Care and Irony

A couple of things to remember when the WackoLeft brings up Gummint Health Care.

1) Gummint 9-1-1 response. (In this case, non-existent. 1 dead.)

2) Gummint foster-care supervision. (In this case, non-existent. 1 dead.)

3) PO'd Gummint flunkies' response to criticism. (In this case, no deaths.)

We won't bother with the Federal Gummint's asininities of the last 4 weeks or so; just think "Hank Paulson" and you can figure it out by yourselves.

And if you like delicious irony, consider this: the guy who appointed the "responsible" administrator of numbers 2 and 3 above was a vocal advocate of..........Gummint HealthCare.

Joe Leean.


capper said...

Don't forget that the actual agency that placed the children with their would be killer is the same agency that are trying to squelch the voice of the former foster parent is a private agency, and subsidiary of Children's Hospital.

Stuff like this happens when the Republican gummint sells us out to the privatize things. Enjoying your tax cut?

Dad29 said...

Children's, eh?

What tax cut? Damnfool Thompson offset tax cuts with Bud Selig tax increases, remember?

Anonymous said...

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