Monday, December 08, 2008

Government Waste, Way Down Deep

As part of a very intelligent critique of the Blackwater prosecutions, Grim mentions something that sets my teeth on edge.

...Blackwater's guys work for the diplomats; the law specifically doesn't apply to them. Furthermore, the State Department knows it could get military escorts and doesn't want them. It feels that would make it subordinate to the military, rather than equal and independent. Thus, if they weren't using contractors, they'd have to provide State Department GS-series guards. Blackwater isn't supporting 'the military mission,' but State's desire to remain independent of the military.

Forget your thoughts about Blackwater and re-read that graf.

State spends a bunch of money on its own security, specifically rejecting the U S Armed Forces already present in the area, because State has an "image" complex?

This is the kind of waste which is hard to find--but which adds up to a lot of dollars.

In this case, dollars for ego and cosmetics.

By the way, you'll learn a lot about the Blackwater prosecution(s) if you read the entire thing...

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