Friday, December 05, 2008

Could Reid Be This Stupid?

Talk about asking for trouble...

[John] Fund predicted that even if Norm Coleman is certified the winner of the MN senate race over Al Franken, Harry Reid will refuse to seat him.

That sort of arrogance, especially to provide a coronation for a foul-mouthed, tax-delinquent, third-rate blue 'comic,' would be .....ahhhhh.......provocative, to say the least.

Naturally, if Reid attempts this stunt, the votes of Sens. Kohl and Feingold will be telling.

HT: No Runny


grumps said...

You've mis-stated your premise. If you follow your link it becomes clear that your head should read "Can John Fund Be This Stupid?"

The answer, generally, will be, "Yes."

Anonymous said...

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