Friday, December 05, 2008

The Coming Shootout at the UN Corral

Austin Ruse, who knows from what he speaks...

...In subsequent years, the Clintons virtually led the charge at the United Nations on behalf of advancing a right to reproductive health. They deny it to this day, but reproductive health means almost exclusively a right to U.N.-style family planning, including abortion.

The Clintons’ main enforcer was the afore-mentioned Tim Wirth who famously kept a big bowl of condoms on his desk at the State Department. This was the man who at the Cairo Conference told Egyptian security forces that a particular pro-lifer was a terrorist. The “terrorist” was subsequently arrested by the Egyptians. In the Bush years, Wirth decamped to the U.N. Foundation, the place where Ted Turner parked a billion dollars to fund U.N. activities

Eventually, the Muslims and a few others defeated The Agenda.

Letters are circulating from various conservative religious folks, and columns are being written, saying to the Obamas and now the Clintons, “come let us reason together.” Horse merde. Hilary is back. Margaret Pollack will be back. Tim Wirth will be back, and their whole crew. We know what that means. As for my colleagues and me, to paraphrase the great Midge Decter, we are going to the United Nations not to build bridges to the Obamas and the Clintons; we are going to destroy their ideas.

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