Saturday, December 06, 2008

College Conversations

Maybe Jim Rowen was one of these parties:

Standing outside lecture hall yesterday, waiting for last class to exit so we could go in. Two young men stood nearby and this is the part of their straight-faced conversation I heard:

Genius #1: Yeah! It’s f***ed up! You can shoot yourself and anyone else you want in Texas, and you won’t get in trouble!

Genius #2: Man, that’s messed up. Are you serious?

Genius #1: Totally serious, dude! People can have all the guns they want, no limit, and they can legally shoot whoever they want! I’m serious dude! Watch the news!

Genius #2: F***k, man. That ain’t right. No wonder they have so much crime down here.

In the Good Old Days, such conversations were held by high-school sophomores, not people who actually were admitted to college.

HT: Vox


James Pawlak said...

I graduated high school in 1956. Only the "greasers", and the bottom rung of those, would speak/grunt like that.

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