Monday, December 15, 2008

Church/State Separation

In a statement which will be controversial amidst the Immanentist Catholics, Benedict XVI affirmed the value of church/state separation.

Church-state separation is one of the signs of the progress of humanity, says Benedict XVI.

The Pope affirmed this Saturday when he visited the Italian embassy to the Holy See.

The Church "not only recognizes and respects the distinction and autonomy" of the state vis-à-vis the Church, but also "takes joy in this as one of the great advances of humanity," he said.

This separation is "a fundamental condition for [the Church's] very liberty and the fulfillment of its universal mission of salvation among all peoples," the Holy Father added. "This brief visit is conducive to reaffirming that the Church is very aware that the distinction between what is of Caesar and what is of God belongs to the fundamental structure of Christianity.

"At the same time, he added, the Church "feels that it is her duty, following the dictates of social doctrine, developed from what is in conformity with the nature of every human being, to awaken moral and spiritual forces in society, contributing to open up wills to the authentic demands of the good."

The Pontiff continued: "Reclaiming the value that ethical principles have, not only in private life but rather fundamentally for public life, the Church contributes to guaranteeing and promoting the dignity of the person and the common good of society."In this sense, the desired cooperation between Church and state is truly fulfilled."

There are small groups of Catholics around the world, primarily in Spanish-influenced countries of South America, but including a vocal US contingent, who will bitterly declaim this statement. However, it's a re-statement of what B-16 said while he was in the USA, praising the structure put in place by the Founders through the 1st Amendment.


gus said...

Dad, His Holiness Benedict XVI, doesn't interfere in politics, rather he hold Catholic consciences to task. He doesn't DEMAND, he PRODS. As he should.
Secular Progressives....a.k.a LIBTARDS neither respect nor understand Pope Benedict, nor the United States Constitution. They certainly don't understand Catholicism.

John Foust said...

Gus, why the constant name-calling? Is this how you come to respect and understand other people and ideas that differ from your own?

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