Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Blizzard of 2010: Propaganda

Give this guy his due; he predicted the Gitmo "guilty" pleas quite a while ago.

Next chapter(s):

First, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his comrades will use the so-called confessions deal to build a psychological environment for a martyrdom case: “istishaad.” They aren’t interested in saving their lives (at first, although they think they could) but in providing a maximum damage to their enemy through the tribunal proceedings

...The “confessions” turned declaration of victory will be picked up by Al Qaeda and other jihadi groups and transformed into vital material for propaganda: videos, audio and texts

...From there on, leave it to the architects of jihadi propaganda: statements made by the defendants will be used by operatives online, in the chat rooms but also on Al Jazeera (by callers and guests), and in other medium to widen the radicalization of youth in the Arab and Muslim world and within the West as well

...What KSM and his comrades are offering to their “brothers” around the world is an unbeatable series of images, footage and audio — pure gold for Al Qaeda propagandists and ideologues

BabaWawa, Brainless Brian, and the Dowd-ites will be there, weeping, wailing, and rending their garments in accompaniment to the Sympathy Symphony.

Bet on it.

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