Monday, December 15, 2008

After Photoshop, It's Warmer!!

Headless, who has a bunch of creds in science and stuff like that, found another very interesting couple of charts which I will not reproduce here.

But I'll give you the juicy parts of the text...

The raw measured temperature data for the last 120 years show a cooling trend. Only after the global warming fraudsters adjust this data to match their theories and models does a "Global Warming Trend" emerge

All the panic being generated by Al Gore, James Hansen, and Obama's Energy Secretary Steven Chu is based on computer simulations. Simulations using certain specific positive feedback assumptions with no factual physical basis

Which leaves only the ancient Roman question: Cui bono? "Who benefits from this?"

You only get two guesses and the right answer begins thus: "Those Who Make The Rules..."


GOR said...

Which proves the old dictum in computer circles: "garbage in, garbage out" - and the whole 'Global Warming' hysteria is just that - garbage!

Deekaman said...

Global Warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the world.

alyysa said...

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