Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why Obama "Won" The Debate

While there's some doubt about whether he "won" or not, there's no doubt about his method.

Axelrod has moved from his always slippery confrontation in debate to a negation of fact notwithstanding that one’s eyes tell you so. It is a logical outgrowth of the relativism, the disdaining of all absolutes, that in recent years has guided this wily eel who wears the toga as “reformer” when he works for Barack Obama and the opposite when he lobbies (without registration) where he is indentured to the Daley administration. While his candidate inveighs against the pernicious force of lobbyists, mere technicalities keep him from admitting that Axelrod is a heavy, deep-pockets lobbyist for Mayor Daley…a case from which the slavishly pro-Obama, supine, boob media avert their eyes.

You saw that, and how well it works, last night. The guy simply, flat-out, lied--damn near all the time--and the MSM's Intellectualoids bought it, hook/line/sinker.

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Billiam said...

Remember what the comedian said. "You gonna' believe me, or your lyin' eyes?" How do you think a large number of his supporters earned the moniker 'Obamabots'? Before anyone mistakenly thinks I'm voting for, as you call him, McPain, I'm not.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

It was nonstop doublespeak last night. I can't count how many times he answered questions with two options for an answer and he said "both." He literally evaded answering 70% of the questions.

I posted this on my blog a few hours ago:

We're just a few weeks away from potentially electing a man that:

1) Hasn't been in political office for more than 10 years.
2) Worked closely with a terrorist for over 4 years.3)
Associated for over 20 years with an anti-US "pastor" that wed him and baptized his children.
4) Voted against banning infanticide more than once.
5) Will have direct talks with the highest leaders of anti-American countries.
6) Refused to vote on major issues over 129 times.
7) Has the most liberal voting record in the US Senate (with his running mate at a close 3rd).
8 ) Has a voting record that supports police raids on homes with weapons and banning the sale of all firearms.
9) Worked directly with ACORN - the non-profit group that is currently being investigated by the FBI for voter fraud.
10) Collected more money in less time than any other senator from both Fannie and Freddie - the two companies that are dual handedly destroying our economy.

Seriously? WTF.

Headless Blogger said...

Correction: "... the MSM's Intellectualoids sold it ..."

Anonymous said...

It's as if all the pieces of a puzzle are snapping into place.

1.Getting the Clinton's out of the way.
2.Narrowing the GOP field down to it's oldest least likely candidate.
3.Lining up the media tools.
4.Lining up the entertainment tools.
5.Manipulating the oil market.
6.Bringing out the mortgage crisis.
7.The Paulson taxpayer robbery.

I wonder what might not have happened if ACORN didn't become such a wildcard?

Anonymous said...

Obama voted against Breyer in '94? I thought he only voted "present"?