Monday, October 06, 2008

Peg Noonan Continues Her Cluelessness


I feel increased concern about her, I think, what she thinks of populism, as her populist approach. There are two ways—you know, her stuff about “I’m Main Street, you’re not, you’re the elite. I’m not the East Coast, I’m Joe Six-Pack.” She actually says, “I’m the Joe Six-Pack candidate.” This left me thinking, “Gosh, would Lincoln say, ‘I represent the backwoods types?’ Would FDR say, ‘Yeah, the New York aristocracy deserves another moment in the sun. Vote for me.’” It—there’s something weird about it. But there’s also something, for me, concerning populism as a tactic is justified often in politics. “I need this program, the people want it.” Populism as a strategy, “We’re the good guys, you’re the bad guys,” is not good, and, and if that’s the road they’re going, that’s not a good road to be on. It’s not helpful to the country.

Dear Peg,

When running against Ultimate Insiders, even back-bench turkeys such as Biden, one does not run as "one of them."

That's kinda what "against" means, Peg.

By the way, Peg, you might consider carefully the Intellectualoids Who Gave Us the Bailout--you know, the Best and Brightest who worked at Bear, Lehman, Goldman(-then-Treasury...) Many of them are crooks. Most of them are Ivy League.

You know them, Peg. They are the Sophisticated Folks.

How'd THAT work for you, Peg?

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GOR said...

It's interesting to note that much of the anti-Palin rhetoric is coming from women - Parker and Noonan inter alia...

After the debate one woman was quoted as saying "I don't want a president who says 'doggone it'...". She was a Republican, too. I wonder (if she is old enough) how she handled 'expletive-deleted' Nixon or 'no expletives deleted' LBJ...?

The exception in this? Hillary...who has been very circumspect about Sarah Palin. Of course, Hillary has more longterm ambitions...

grumps said...

Let me get this straight.

You still want people to believe that McCain is an outsider?

Or does that only apply to Mini-Maverick?

Dad29 said...

Umnnnhhhhh...Grumpy...the subject of the column is PALIN.

McCain is an insider, but hardly a Conservative--which happens to be his biggest weakness right now.

Anonymous said...

Face it -- Palin is an idiot. It comes through every time she opens the pie-hole. She makes Tommy Thompson sound like Professor Henry Higgins.

Dad29 said...

And we should compare to whom?

Biden, who doesn't know where Hizbollah is (or is not)?

Obamamamamama, who doesn't release his transcripts from Columbia?

Far as we know, she's smarter than both of those morons.