Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Not "Gun Safety" Lesson

Strange story of the week:

According to a criminal complaint, Josephine Wagner, 30, told Milwaukee police that she was walking north on N. Teutonia Ave. on Wednesday with a friend and had a gun tucked into a cloth holster in the front of her pants.

In the 2900 block, Wagner ducked behind some bushes to heed nature's call and shot herself while pulling down her pants, the complaint says.

The bullet shattered her right femur and exited the back of her thigh.

The newspaper calls this a "gun safety" lesson.


It's a "Pee Safely" lesson. Teutonia Avenue bushes are NOT safe for public pissing.

By the way, how does one pull the trigger on a weapon by pulling down one's pants? That's an item which should have been investigated by the intrepid reporting staff, just like why the DA is not charging Disorderly Conduct in addition to carrying a concealed weapon.


Headless Blogger said...

The article didn't say what size round it was that fractured her femur. Can a 9 mm do that?

Dad29 said...

Kinda depends on what "fracture" means, but at that range, a .22LR could do it.

Shoebox said...

Reminds me of the incident where the gal sued Victoria Secrets because some bling from her thong flipped off and scrathed her eye when she was taking off her thong...never could figure out what her eye was doing down by her thong!

Anonymous said...

She's lucky it didn't hit her femoral artery.

On another note. An acquaintance of mine was "cleaning" his .38 special when it fired. The bullet went across the room, hit his son's leg at an angle, traveled up his femur to his hip joint where it ricocheted into hos scrotum smashing one of his 'nads. I shudder each time I recall this.