Friday, October 10, 2008

More Obama Fraud: Citizens Services and ACORN

This is a bit curvy, so bear with me.

Obama's campaign spent $800K on "Citizens Services Inc" for advance-work on his campaign. As it turns out, the campaign mis-labeled the expenditures as "advance-work," and should have labeled the expenses as "get-out-the-vote" work.

Maybe, maybe not.

I spoke to a board member of Citizen Services in July, before any of this became public. My quest to understand why Barack Obama’s campaign spent almost $1 million dollars on Citizen Services Inc. started with a search of the public corporate records for Citizen Services. I learned that one of the Directors was a man listed as Sunday Alibi (sic). I did subsequent searches for Mr. Alibi and learned that his real name is Sunday Oladimeji Alabi. Alabi not Alibi.

...Using the Obama FEC filing as my guide I told Mr. Alabi that I needed to hire Citizen Services to help my campaign with “Staging, Sound, and Lighting.” Without a moments hesitation Mr. Alabi told me, “we don’t do that.” He went on to identify ACORN as the organization that handles those matters and he told me to contact Marc Seiden (he gave me a cell phone number for Mr. Seiden, which is a District of Columbia cell phone).

Citizen Services is a paper organization. What does that mean? It has no employees and no office space. It does not advertise its services. And it shares a physical address in New Orleans with ACORN. It appears to be no more than a front or cut out used to move money in order to obscure the final expenditure. Let’s see the invoices Citizen Services submitted to the Obama campaign. There is no doubt the money initially went to Citizen Services. The question is, what did the money actually buy? And, who was the ultimate recipient?

Trust me, folks. YOU will never know the answers.

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