Friday, October 03, 2008

McCain's Prediction

You should know that there are more than one McCains on the national scene.

One's a pundit. The other picked a good VP nominee.

The pundit (a conservative) has given up on the candidate.

If you've got any InTrade futures on McCain (now trading at 34%), sell them immediately for whatever you can get, because they're not worth a nickel.

...I am trying to report an objective fact. When it becomes clearly obvious to me that a candidate has lost an election, and I see the possibility of being the first to report this fact -- a scoop! an exclusive! -- I'm not going to keep my mouth shut just because the guy has an "R" beside his name.

I believe in the maxim about ", my" But that window is closing.

He makes a good case for his position, by the way.

UPDATE: Limbaugh compares this to the Carter/Ford '76...

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