Thursday, October 09, 2008

Kane Misses the Point, Deliberately

EKane, missing the point by a country mile:

In the real world, most people can accept that guilt by association sometimes is not evidence of any guilt at all. Too bad politics isn't considered the real world.

Mr. Kane wants us to think of "associations" as more-or-less accidents. Full stop. End of story.

His assertion is correct, but he needs a Paul Harvey "rest of the story" moment, and I'm happy to give him one.

Associations can be transient or lengthy. It's the lengthy ones which are significant in assessing someone's weltaunschuung. It is safe to say that the worldview of Obama's lengthy associations is not consonant with the worldview of typical American citizens.

Obama's lengthy associations happen to be with the Hard Left. Ayers is one, but only one. There is also Ayers' wife, the similarly-unrepentant B. Dohrn. Obama also courted and won endorsements from the New Party. And he served as a legal trainer for ACORN, which has a reputation as a confrontational (not quite violent) activist organization which simply does not care about rules and laws, especially in its voter-drive activities.

Then there's Rev. Wright, whose theology is not theology, but materialology--the Rev. is much less concerned with eschatology than immanentology. Want that translated? He thinks that "social justice" is the proper end of church activity, rather than the salvation of souls. Same with Fr. Pfleger, another long-time associate of Obama's. There is no major world religion which holds that view. None.

Not by coincidence, Obama flourished under the Chicago Machine patriarchy--an institution which resembles Al Capone's organization much more than that of a government 'of, by, and for the people.' That's an association which runs almost as long as his association with Ayers (which dates back to Columbia U. days.) Another lengthy association was with Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the Communist Party/USA.

Obama also adopted political positions which are not in harmony with those of most Americans. He thinks gay "marriage" is good, and thinks that citizens do NOT have the right to bear arms.

He thinks that children who manage to survive abortions should be left to die, a position shunned by NARAL and the vast majority of the US Congress (not to mention the voters.) He never met a tax that he didn't favor.

The fact that Obama has NEVER won a contested election speaks volumes about his proclivities and his "associations."

In the end, we don't have "associations." We have choices, made deliberately and consciously, which demonstrate that Mr. Obama kinda likes bad company.

And now you have the rest of the story.

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Billiam said...

It won't matter. He's the O and savure!He's beyond reproach and anyone who says differently is racist and better watch their backs!