Friday, October 03, 2008

The "Health Insurance Tax" Lie

I suppose the theory is that there are plenty of people who don't think too carefully and just believe whatever the O-and-Savior tells them.

The current Big Lie is about the "Health Insurance Tax".

So a family plan runs about $12K/year in SE Wisconsin (except for MPS employees, where it's way over that...)

If you're paying Federal income tax, you'll likely pay 25% of $12K (at most) in taxes on that number.

....Scritch, scratch....

25% times $12K....that's $3,000.00. (Note: I did that in my head. I did NOT attend MPS.)

So McCain has an "up to $5K" tax credit.

Last I checked, 5 is larger than 3 (even if you graduated from MPS it's still true...)

The only people who will be close to the 'losing money' line here are MPS teachers.

Too bad.


Jay Bullock said...

That is until your employer drops the health care altogether--the explicit goal of his plan--and then you have to buy $12k worth of health care on a $5k budget.

(If you think your employer will give you what they're not spending on health care, I have a bridge in Alaska to sell you.)

Dad29 said...

Yah--but we're not there yet.

Meantime, Obama is lying.

Anonymous said...

Ever notice how whenever someone proposes a new way to do things someone else cries that the sky will fall? Been going on for centuries. that's one reason real progress in society is rare. And what do you do to get people to hitch their little wagons to your train? Call yourself progressive or something else contrary to you cause.


Amy said...

No, jay - the ultimate goal of Obama's "cover everything" plan is to get employers to drop the government can claim the free-market failed and take over.

Woo hoo.

We already HAVE many, mini-socialized insurance systems in this nation. Whenever insurance is tied to an employer the company (the government) is the single-payer for the employees (the citizens).

The only way to fix the problem is to untie health care insurance from employment. Let health insurance compete on the free market, like auto insurance, where companies can offer discounts and benefits in a competitive environment.

Thereby knocking down the cost and making it more accessible. Nothing would stop employers who shell out $500+/mo to help cover the employee's benefits from, instead, giving them that $500 to use toward health insurance of their choosing.

I've seen enough of the government-bean counters deciding who is and isn't worthy of life to decide I don't want my doctor's office run the way our government runs...well...pretty much everything.

Jay Bullock said...

Amy, do you even know what Barack Obama's health care plan is, or do you only know the lies you've been fed by the conservative media? There is no government-run single-payer system in the pipe:

Obama's plan keeps the free-market health care system intact, particularly employer-based insurance. It is not a goverment-run program and is very different from the health care systems run by the government in some European countries.

Obama's plan essentially takes the health care system as it is today and seeks to expand it to the uninsured. The plan increases eligibility for the poor and children to enroll in initiatives like Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. It also creates pools for individuals to buy their own cheaper insurance. And it outlines several strategies aimed at reining in costs for everyone, such as streamlining medical record-keeping and emphasizing preventive care. Obama's plan does not mandate coverage, except for children.

If you're going to oppose the man, at least understand what you're opposing. Please.