Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ed Morrissey Is Right on McCain's Next Moves

Of course, Ed's right because he echoes my comments.

Here's how Ed lays it out:

John McCain has used five basic lines of attack in the last few weeks against Barack Obama:

1. William Ayers and his radical past
2. Fannie Mae collapse and Democratic responsibility
3. Foreign policy
4. Tax-and-spend liberal
5. Chicago politician, not reformer

...Of these five, then, #2 and #4 look to be the most promising

... The economic crisis gives McCain a wonderful opportunity to make #2 the main attack theme of the last four weeks. Americans are angry over the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the poison they spread throughout the financial sector.

...McCain has to redefine this crisis to the reality of Democratic (and Republican) indifference to the corruption and bad business practices of Fannie and Freddie. He has to argue that government distortion of lending markets for political gain created the crisis, and that Democratic defense of the GSEs delayed regulatory action until it was too late — and Barack Obama stood on the sidelines and did nothing to stop the collapse.

Hmmmmmn.....here's an excerpt from my post:

McCain has the opportunity to actually commit "straight talk" in the next few weeks. Were he to tie Obama to the mortgage crisis (not hard to do, given Obama's ACORN connections and his close ties to the Fannie/Freddie crowd) and point out that the United States is a financial shipwreck due to these and the impending Social Security/Medicare crises, and that McCain's Administration will seek to un-do the damage by severely limiting spending---not just 'earmarks,' but ALL spending, while keeping taxation at the bare minimum necessary to sustain essential functions--he could pull this out of the fire.

Obviously, Ed's suggestion is not as broadly-based as is mine.

But he's right.


grumps said...

Senator Straight Talk is in the collapse up to hi sfurry eyebrows and he knows that any attack outward leads to exposure for him.

He needs the discussion to move away from the bailout and collapse as fast as it possibly can.

As far as "T&S" goes, how does McCain's record on the deficit look? Again, his exposure on the "Big Government" argument is greater than Senator Obama's simply because of McCain's ties to the Current Resident.

Dad29 said...

Oh, I freely acknowledge that McCain is horrible on T&S.

But I also think that he can do a volte-face on that "in light of current conditions", smile, and get away with it.

Of course, it's possible that he would actually MEAN it, too...