Friday, October 10, 2008

"Do NOT Punch Him in the Face"--Leno

Can't find the bit on YouTube yet....

Last night, Jay Leno introduced a new deck of cards, modeled after the "AlQuaeda 52" which appeared early in the Iraq War.

Leno's deck differed a bit: it offered pictures of various investment-bankers--the Presidents of Lehman, Countrywide Mortgage, Bear/Stearns, and AIG.

During the bit, Leno mentioned that someone had walked up to the former CEO of Lehman, Richard Fuld, and punched him in the face.

Leno played on that, revealing the members of the deck of cards while ironically counseling members of the audience "Do NOT the face."

Well, we could add a few folks to that Deck of Cards:

Barney Frank
Chris Dodd
Jim Johnson
Franklin Raines
Jamie Gorelick
Barack Obama
Roy Blunt
Nancy Pelosi
John Boehner
Steny Hoyer
James Clyburn
Mitch McConnell
Spencer Bachus
Paul Kanjorski
Melissa Bean
Harry Reid
Henry Paulson
Alan Greenspan

Do NOT punch any of them in the face. It's only $200 Bn, so far.

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