Monday, October 13, 2008

Catholicism and the Age of NannyState



The Church cannot survive “Nanny State” fascism/socialism. This has been borne out in western Europe to a great extent, but most of all in Canada ...

What does this sort of “soft” socialism, or “benign” fascism, do to the political order? Here is a short list of four inevitable actions taken by Nanny States:

1. They compel citizens to give their children over to moral formation by the State, to the derogation of pre- and extra-political communities such as the family and the Church

2. They compel the legalization of abortion at all stages, of euthanasia, of gay marriage, and of embryonic stem cell research. This all flows from the philosophical materialism that underlies the cosmological vision of Nanny State technocracy.

3. They prohibit free and open discussion about the moral status of the legal actions enumerated in point 2.

4. They force the Church to hand over its freedom to govern itself to the State: Church hospitals and schools, whether they receive federal funding or not, are forced to comply to the moral demands of the State. Otherwise, they are deemed a threat to the harmony of the political order and are forced by law to shut their doors.

Due to the unforced capitulation of Wisconsin's Catholic Conference (particularly Abp. Dolan of Milwaukee,) point #4 above is in effect regarding "Plan B" contraceptive/abortifacients.

In Canada, #3 is 90% in force.

Do I think the situation is as dire as outlined by the linked author?

Not quite.

But the indicators do not give rise to optimism.


Other Side said...

One can only hope the Church goes quietly.

Amy said...

One can only hope the Church goes quietly.

Not. On. Your. Life.

2,000 years of attacks and tyranny haven't destroyed the Church.

Godless liberalism sure as hell won't.

Anonymous said...

canticle for leibowitz, anyone?

Smiley said...

Dear Dad 29
In Canada all 4 points are in force and doing well.
1. It is very tough to home school kids here in Ontario, in addition to this if you do manage to home school they try to force you to adopt a syllabus they they prescribe.
2. gay 'marriage' is legal allowing for adoptions etc. Canada is the only country in the western world that allows abortions on demand right up to the 9th month.
3. I am sure you have heard of our human right tribunals which have penalized bishops in Vancouver etc etc for teaching the truth about gay marriage despite supposed protections in the constitution to prevent such abuse and allow all people to practice their faith.
4. All catholic schools in ontario except for private catholic schools have to follows the government mandated syllabus.

Smiley said...

I had to continue
We Catholics in Canada have not organized a day of fasting and rosary for the reparation of sins of abortion and gay marriage, how is God supposed to bless our nation?

Dave said...


Maybe it's time you Canadians learn the practices of civil disobedience and revolution. 'Cos if the Obama Administration tries of of that down here, there'll be some of us up in arms. Literally.