Saturday, October 04, 2008

Barney's "Partner" and Keynes

There's some noise circulating about one of Barney Frank's bed-mates--that while Barney was enjoying back-door-banditry with the fellow, the 'partner' was enjoying a high-paid position with Fannie Mae.

But the stories miss the point.

The reason that folks like Barney and his "partner" created problems for the taxpayer with 'innovative' home loans which don't get repaid is simple, and was brought up about John Maynard Keynes, another well-placed bugger.

Why should THEY worry about imposing a huge national debt on children?


Dan said...

Well, when the whorehouse didn't work out, they had to find another place of employment to screw people.

Anonymous said...

REPUBLICANS can't ever Take the blame for what they did - the world knows the truth

Heraldblog said...

THEY have the right to adopt children, and often do.

Anonymous said...

you're not only ignorant of the situation that this country is in and how we got here, you're also a bigot.

No wonder they call you a rube. You are one.