Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Way to Phrase It

So for you Obamamamamama-unists, here's the correct version of things:

Jesus was an unlicensed carpenter, and Brutus was a senator


Jay Bullock said...

Actually, there's little evidence that Jesus practiced carpentry. It was his father's profession, and sons often followed their fathers, but by the time we know Jesus as an adult he is more of a rabbi than a craftsman.

Dad29 said...

Mel Gibson filmed it, and that's definitive.

IIRC, you're not exactly a Jesus-historian, are you?

Amy said...

But being a rabbi didn't necessarily pay the bills, did it. Christ was human, and had to eat, clothe, and shelter himself too.

jimspice said...

The original Greek word for Jesus' occupation is "tekton" (Mark 6:3) which more accurately translates to "builder". Many biblical scholars suggest "stone mason" would be a more likely choice.


Steve Burri said...


Jesus didn't have a Rabbi's license, either.

Dad29 said...

Actually, Jimspice, "builder" translates to oikodomos.

The KJV of tecton is carpenter.