Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Doubt About the O's Electability

Interesting stuff from an MS/Mathematics Democrat (but McCain voter this time).

The primary process consisted of fourteen caucuses and thirty-nine primaries. Obama only lost one out of fourteen caucuses yet he lost twenty-one out of thirty-nine primaries. You don’t have to be a mathematician to realize something is not right. I first noticed something was wrong when I watched the returns from Texas come in.

Texas is unique in the Primary world because it has both a primary and a caucus. It’s called the Texas Two-Step. Hillary Clinton won the Primary by four points, yet she lost the caucus which was held on the same day by twelve points. That’s a sixteen point swing

...I decided to analyze the rest of the caucus results. Washington State, Nebraska, and Idaho also held a primary and a caucus and the results were even more divergent than Texas results. The divergent results were partially the result of the disenfranchisement that is inherent in the caucus process since the elderly, mother of young children and shift workers are less likely to attend. But they are also the result of voter fraud intentionally perpetrated by the Obama campaign and voter intimidation by Obama supporters. The result is that the primary was stolen from Senator Clinton.

One could speculate that the lady is also a PUMA, no? Well, the answer is yes, and the rest of the piece deals with matters rhetorical.

But the numbers-analysis is very interesting. And it may well preview the election-night results.

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Dan said...

This was Hillary's downfall. She did not think much of cacuses. Had she concentrated more on the cacuses, she would be where Obama is today.