Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Why Palin Derangement Syndrome?

Best I've seen as an answer:

Liberals know that they are the party of love, and they would have killed these children. Liberals know that conservatives are the party of hate, and yet Todd and Sarah Palin have chosen to love these babies

It's cognitive dissonance writ large.

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Dan said...

Just look at the comparison between obama and the Palins. The Palins love their son who has down syndrome. They have pledged to love and support their teenage daughter.
Obama says it would be a punishment to his children if they become teenage parents.
What a contrast.

Jeff Miller said...

First off it is because she is a women. It could only be worse if McCain had picked a black conservatives.

Liberals think they have women and minorities wrapped up and see conservative women and minorities as traitors.

That she is pro-life and articulate only annoys them all the more.

John Foust said...

And where does contraception come in? Where does parental oversight come in? Seen Bristol's drinking pics yet?

Anonymous said...

Someone must fill the Jenna void.

Dad29 said...

John, you've been out in the sun too long--and your un-hinged rants are getting you close to automatic deletes.

Parental oversight, John? Been a parent?

I'm sure your family is just perfect--and if so, congratulations.

Amy said...

And where does contraception come in?

I don't know. But you are aware contraception isn't fail safe, right, John? I've known several folk who were being "safe" who wound up expecting the unexpected.

Where does parental oversight come in?

Funny. I never would have pegged you as the controlling parent type. I thought that pejorative was only leveled at conservatives.

Of course, had Bristol Palin had an abortion without parental consent, you'd be singing a different tune about "parental oversight."

As Dad said - nice to know you're family's perfect. You should really update your pic so your halo shows better.

Jay Bullock said...

I don't care one whit about Palin's family. I care that she is a thoughtless, power-abusing extremist. McCain reached all the way to the right to placate the nutcases in his party. It is good for the convention, but it is not good for the country.

Amy said...

McCain reached all the way to the right to placate the nutcases in his party.

The same could be said for Obama, in the opposite direction.

I assume by "power-abusing extremist" you are referring to her firing of a cop that didn't dismiss her brother-in-law. No dice. The BIL used a taser on his own son, drank in a squad car, and threatened to kill his father-in-law. Conduct unbecoming a law enforcement officer if there ever was one.

Funny how liberals see conservative women as "thoughtless" - when they much prefer women blindly follow liberal politics. Independent thought be damned, right?

Jay Bullock said...

No dice.
Not quite. She fired the state's Public Service Commissioner because he refused to break the law for her. Regardless of whether the "BIL" should have ben fired, she used state resources to pursue a personal vendetta and, when that failed, fired a long-serving and much-beloved non-partisan state officer. Then she lied up and down about it until forced to release documents and evidence that showed what really happened. And of course now her new lawyer is stonewalling and calling the whole investigation--started by members of her own party in the legislature--a partisan witch hunt.

Come to think of it, I guess she does seem like an ideal Republican, no?

Dad29 said...

Wrong-o, Jay. Here's the affadavit: http://www.politico.com/static/PPM103_ethics2222.html

She fired the guy b/c he couldn't get on board with her program for the State. Had nothing to do with Wooten, the drunk Union-protected child-abuser.

I know it's hard to keep up with the actual facts when Kos is your newspaper...

Amy said...

I know it's hard to keep up with the actual facts when Kos is your newspaper...

Yeah. Obama is perfect. Palin is evil. That's pretty much the narrative.

Good to know what liberal men think of conservative women.

Roland Melnick said...

"I know it's hard to keep up with the actual facts when Kos is your newspaper..."

ROFLMAO...and his favorite TV show is probably Extra, TMZ or Springer.

"Seen Bristol's drinking pics yet?"

Which pics are those John? Give us a link, if you can.

Having Obamanauts continue to push this vitriolic attack on the Palin family should surprise no one. I don't know that dealing with such family-related issues qualifies/disqualifies one for high public offce...it just means the Palins are people like anyone else.