Thursday, September 11, 2008

What Steve Walters, "Reporter" Doesn't Want You to Know

Now and then, stuff happens--like hitting "reply" instead of "forward."

Then, Stevie Walters, it becomes clear that suppression is half of the "news" game.

Here's what Walters, the JS "reporter" in Madistan, doesn't want you to see in the newspaper:

Wisconsin Family Action (WCA) announced its radio ad campaign exposing significant out-of-state campaign contributions from homosexual activist donors with motives to push a pro-homosexual agenda. The radio launch targets three assembly seats which have received large sums of special interest donations that could have significant impacts on the outcome of these seats.

“When half of a candidate’s donations are coming from San Francisco, Massachusetts or Denver and the donors are strong gay rights activists, Wisconsin voters have the right to know the real values behind a candidate and question that candidate,” said Julaine K. Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action.

The three seats with the most out-of-state, pro-homosexual special interest donations are from the 57th (City of Appleton), 68th (Eau Claire), and 96th (Crawford and Vernon Counties) assembly districts in which nearly $24,500 has been given through a “virtual conduit” of out-of-state donors driven by homosexual millionaire and Quark founder Tim Gill, from Colorado.

To see Walters' "reportorial" thoughts on the matter, go to Wigderson.

Here's the money quote:

"Link to Family Action, so we don’t have to repeat their venom?"

IOW, hide the release with a link, rather than printing the facts. Facts, Stevie, are not "venom."

And suppression, Stevie, is not "reporting."


Jay Bullock said...

I expect you to be as vocal about the out-of-state contributions from anti-tax and pro-voucher groups.

Dad29 said...

Don't hold your breath.

YOU'LL handle that for us.

Amy said...

Not when these groups seek to undermine the will of 60% of the voters in Wisconsin, jay.